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If you have comments, feedback, seek information relating to the website, or require website technical support or if you have any other website questions, contact;   webmaster (AT)

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What do I get to see when I become a member?
You will have access to all pictures, comics, and stories available at the site. Updates are currently 3 times per month -around every 10 days.


I can't login. What is wrong?
- If the 'enter' tab doesn't show when logging in , then try again after you 'refresh'/'reload' your browser - you can do that tapping the keyboard F5 key.

- If log-in info not working > Please re-check your username and password. It is important to enter both exactly. 

- If you use copy and paste log-in info sometimes a blank is inserted either at the start or end of the string by mistake therefore the login doesn't work. Contact myself or ccbill support if that is not the problem.

- Also check to see if your payment option has funds in the auto-billing process and/or that any credit cards are not outdated.

- There's also a small chance that your browser security settings are set too high. Quite likely I can assist you 're-tweak' your browser security settings properly in order to gain normal access with your log-in name - but that process is fairly easy to fix by oneself. 

Contact ccbill support first;  - otherwise you can contact me too to see if I can help sort the issue out.


How much am I billed and how often?
When you subscribe for a 30-Day Membership to Forced Crossdresser Fantasies by credit card, you are billed $24.95 for the 30 days, and then $8.95 every 30 days until you cancel your account. If you subscribe using CCBill 900, you will be billed a one time only fee of $24.95.


What is a recurring membership?
A recurring membership doesn't end after 30 days cycle- ie, it will be renewed for another 30 days cycle until you choose to end your membership.

To stop being a member simply use the 'cancel' option via ccbill support - you can go to  

The much slower method is by contacting our site via email; certain info will be required to securely verify your membership.


How long does my account last after I cancel?
CCbill has a system in which you can opt to use allowing you to have a standing ccbill registration enrolment with them which allows you having a registered account active with them for easier future sign-up options with any transactions using ccbill services.

Your subscription account with our website lasts until the end of the month that you last paid for. So, if you are billed on the 15th and you cancel on the 20th, your account remains open and active until the 15th of the next month. Only if you have a recurring membership you need to cancel it if you choose to not stay any further as a member anymore. You can do it anytime and the membership will end at the end of the payment period. Please don't choose 'refund' by mistake while a recurring member; this may get you blacklisted - choose 'cancel' to simply leave as a member.


How does the billing show up on my credit card?
To protect your privacy, any charges will discreetly on your credit card statement. You can also
update to a new credit card if you have a recurring membership. BUT YOU MUST CONTACT CCBILL  to do this change - Otherwise CCBill can't charge your credit card and then the membership automatically ends. You can change the credit card information by using the following link:


How do I find my subscription number?
To find your subscription number, you can go to


How do I dispute a billing?
Do you feel you have been charged in error? Were you billed twice in the same month?

You can contact us via our email as a last option to try and resolve the process but first ALWAYS please go to 


I'm a former member and want to join Forced Crossdresser Fantasies can I use the same Username and Password?
Yes, no problem if its not already taken if you've signed up with CCBill - check with ccbill support to verify that too if you wish.


IMPORTANT - Choosing a username / password
Members are able to create their own usernames / passwords to Forced Crossdresser Fantasies with CCBill sign-up.


--- Practice the following online cautions, particularly if you are new to memberships and/or online security: Think of it like carrying around your passport while on holiday - Creating an uncomplicated membership username/password is the equivalent of carrying your passport half hanging out of your back pocket whereas a 'strong' log-in name/password is like having the passport locked up in your embassy's safe- so travel the website more securely by using the following tips;


  • 1. Dont' use common names, familiar names or dictionary words.  Why? - Because they are the most commonly used and easily hacked.
  • 2. Create a username / password combination that has at least 6 letters or more in them. Be creative. 
  • 3. Use a combination of letters   (upper and lower case) numbers, and even symbols work best.
  • 4. Choose a username and password that are completely different from each other.
        For instance don't do, username = 2xenzk, password = 2xenzk1 for example.
  • 5. Exchange certain letters with similar looking numbers-

            ie, e=3, l=1, o=0; .........    thus a name like Loren, could be created like-   10r3n

  • 6. Commit the log-in/password to memory swiftly.
  • 7. Only use a Browser's password manager to remember your log-in/password if your computer is used in a safe/trusted location like your home - otherwise memorize it or write it down and store it safely. 


Why are my passcodes blocked?
A few reasons. Most of the time it's due to the Internet Service Provider you are using because of Proxy Servers.

Password sharing is strictly forbidden and will get your passcodes blocked and even blacklisted at ccbill for any future transactions with them.

Security gets compromised when your account information is used in multiple locations....... If sharing is suspected you may be issued a NEW passcode via email. 

Most of the blocked access automatically resets itself in a few hours. However, there are a few that require manual resets and passcode changes. Email

webmaster (AT)

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This leads again to members in best selecting a unique/bizarre username and an even more- bizarre password to ensure you don't run into mishaps due to mischief by someone else's folly.


Can I use a download accelerator?
Don't use them here.  They open multiple connections in order to do their job and server security checks against multiple connections - If it detects one, it automatically disables your passcodes and prevents you from accessing Forced Crossdresser Fantasies for several hours.


Why haven't you answered my email?
Email will be read and answered at the earliest convenient moment. However, if you have sent us an email and we haven't responded or your issue it hasn't been resolved within 24 - 72 hours, chances are we may have missed it or not received it at all. Please email us again. We hardly receive correspondence since our site is practically worry-free in providing good content /having no hassles - so that's why our emails may not be being read as regularly as we should. Here is our official email...... replace (AT) with @

 webmaster (AT)

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I've forgotten/lost my membership password?

For assistance with this and other membership-only issues, go to 

-Or contact me- But the ccbill option will be much faster.

How do I cancel my membership?
To cancel your membership please go to this website - 



Can we do a link exchange with your site?
Yes, as long as you are either a Forced Femization website, a Fem Dom website, a Domination/Bondage website, or any Fetish website without extreme material, please go to this site's LINKS PAGE here.