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 Apr. 13th, 2017 

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 Apr. 21st, 2017 

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" Fantastic use of color and imagery. The artist really "gets" what the fetish is all about. "

"I absolutely love this site. That I'm able to dl content and that it's always fresh is a huge plus compared to other sites. I don't regret joining this site in the least.."

"..... absolute best "TrannyPorn" cartoons ever drawn....fantastic eye for color and fetish.

This artist really knows how to push the buttons!!!"

Members Compliments

" A magnificent site for the Forced Feminization enthusiast. There are so many variations on the theme, with dominance, bondage, and reluctant acceptance."

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Welcome to our gorgeous feminization heaven - We're ready to satisfy your deepest cravings for forced-crossdressed fantasies.

We get it!..... We know what you want and we've packed our members area with your femmed lusts presented in art, stories, and comics.

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After deciding to join our site you likely won't be prepared for how much fun you'll be getting into.....

Our famous unique art styles

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"Forced Crossdresser Fantasies is quite the unique site featuring incredible artwork, naughty comics, graphic stories, fun games and many other things sissy related....."

"..... That's what comes to mind with Forced Crossdresser Fantasies. It's a very special labor of love."

"..... The act of sex slavery, discipline and turning a man into a sissy whore has been captured in an artistic allure speaking volumes in the realm of exquisiteness."

" of the most unique sites I've seen in my ten-years-plus reviewing websites."

Join our membership community that is filled with the most enthralled and delighted feminization fans, admirers, and players.

Our site has many nooks and hideaways for you to enjoy unimaginable treats of feminizatiion dreams you've never conceived.

Well,- just imagine this!

Delightful cruelty....?

Comic book sagas filled with girly-men.

Hot, sexy punishments galore.

A sissy's reward, some would say.

Did he ever forsee such a demeaning peril?

Feminized bride-busting.

He's normally a shy, sophisticated type - until tonight happened.

Feminized captives taken for a ride.

"..... With content going back years, you'll find distinctively drawn images of sissy men being put in their place."